How To Know Your Skin Tone and Skin Undertone?

Skin Tone

Know Your Skin


Skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin in your skin. Skin undertone is determined by the amount of fat in your skin. Your ethnic background also plays a role in determining your skin tone, as well as how hot or cold you are.

Skin tone is typically broken down into two categories: cool (pink/blue) or warm (yellow/red). Cool tones represent more blue than red undertones while warm tones indicate more yellow than pink undertones

The Skin Tone Chart

Your skin has a unique color, which is determined by the amount of melanin it contains. The darker the color, the more melanin you have.

Melanin is what gives your skin its color, so if there’s not enough pigment (melanin) in your epidermis, you’re going to be lighter than someone with more stains. This means that someone with light-colored eyes can look darker than they are because their eyes will appear darker when seen from afar.

How to know your skin tone?

To know your skin tone, you need to know the characteristics of your skin. Your undertone is the color that appears on top of the darker base.

For example: A person with a light base has light-to-medium olive skin and appears to be tanned in photos. A person with a medium base has medium olive tones and does not appear tanned in photos because they have more pigment than what is needed to show up in photographs or selfies taken from far away.

A person with dark undertones may appear very pale when photographed because their face doesn’t reflect enough sunlight to give off any pigmentation from within their body; however, if you look closely at them when they aren’t wearing makeup then there will be some obvious difference between how much pigment comes out versus how little does come out when comparing yourself against other people who have similar undertones (e.g., two people whose faces don’t reflect much sunlight).

Know Your Skin Undertone

Skin undertones are the color of your veins. They’re a combination of yellow, pink, and green. Yellow is a warm undertone, pink is a cool undertone, and green is neutral. The most common skin undertones are olive (yellow-based), freckled (pink-based), or fair with slightly pigmented spots (green-based).

How to know your skin undertone?

The term “skin tone” refers to the color of your skin, while the term “undertone” means that you have one or more undertones in your makeup routine. The following are some ways of determining what color is right for you:

  • Skin tone chart. The easiest way is by looking at this chart which shows all possible combinations of tones from fair through brown and reds to golden blondes. It also lets you see how dark or light each shade gets when compared with others on the opposite side of the spectrum (e.g., someone with a pinkish undertoned face will look even lighter than someone whose overall coloring is medium).
  • Finding out what kind of makeup would look best on yourself using photos taken during various times throughout each day–including before bedtime when most people have less pigment because they’ve been sleeping—will help determine whether red lipstick works better than pink because it doesn’t show up as much against pale complexions while still providing enough coverage without being too heavy feeling on top layers only (which could cause breakouts).

You can determine your skin tone and skin undertone with ease.

Knowing your skin tone and undertone is essential. Your skin tone can determine how you choose the right makeup for your face, so it’s worth taking some time to find out what works best for you.

If you’re looking to make a change in the way that you feel about yourself, knowing what makes up your complexion will help guide your decision-making process when choosing products or services.

To determine if something is right for me—and if I like it!

I need first: to know what my personal preferences are regarding appearance.

Secondly: I need an idea of how my body looks.

Thirdly: what kind of person am I?

And fourthly: How do others perceive me when they look at me?

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