Dog Names Based on the Appearance of Your Dog

When it comes to naming your dog, you have a wide variety of options. You can choose from classic names like Max or Bella and go with something more unique (like Fluffy). But there’s another way: by looking at the color and markings on their fur! There are plenty of dogs who were born with pale fur that looks like milk chocolate — or dark browns with dark blotches throughout them — so these types of dogs make great inspiration for our next breed:


Pepper is a name that is often given to dogs with black and white fur, but can also be used for dogs with red hair. The word “pepper” refers to the spice that has been used in cooking since ancient times.

Pepper can be used as a cute name for a dog who has black-and-white fur or a more unusual coat color such as red or brown (or even blue!).


Lucy is a classic, cute name that works well with any dog. It’s also great for those dogs with lots of white furs, such as German Shepherds and Border Collies.

The character Lucy Van Pelt from Peanuts is named after this sweet-faced mutt! Charlie Brown’s dog was named after her too—and you can’t go wrong with a name like Lucy. If you’re looking for a feminine moniker for your little girl (or boy), this one will do just fine!


Oreo is a name that should be given to your dog if it has brown fur, or a white chest and belly. It’s also great for dogs with black patches on their face.

If you have a long-haired dog, Oreo is an excellent choice because it can mean many different things depending on how much of his fur is black or brown:

  • Black-and-white markings (black hair with white belly)
  • White patches throughout the body (white belly)


Bear is a common name for dogs that look like bears, and it’s also an all-encompassing description of any large dog. If you have a large dog, chances are it will be called “Bear” by his or her human companions.

The name “Bear” can be used to describe people who are hairy or big in personality as well. People who were first called “Bears” often struggled with their new identity until they realized how cool being furry and strong was! It’s also possible that some people may find themselves trapped in wooded areas where bears roam freely (and threateningly).


If your dog has freckles, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Freckles are small spots of color on the skin that are usually caused by exposure to UV rays from sunlight or artificial sources such as tanning beds or tanning salons. They’re very common in people and can also be found in dogs.

Freckles may indicate a genetic condition called erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP). This condition causes red-brown spots to appear on people’s hands, arms, and faces after they have been exposed to sunlight; however, it rarely affects animals other than humans due to their lack of pigment production capabilities—meaning they don’t produce melanin as we do! So if you’re concerned about what might be causing those cute little freckles on your pup’s nose…don’t worry! While there is no cure for EPP yet—it goes away over time once you stop being exposed—there are some things you could try at home first if nothing else works: applying sunscreen regularly; wearing long sleeves outside when possible; staying out as much as possible during peak times of day when UV rays tend toward maximum intensity (between noon-3 pm); painting roofs white instead of gray so less sunlight gets through into living spaces where animals spend most hours awake anyway without any protection whatsoever against harmful rays


  • *White:* There are many white dogs in the world, but what about a ghost? This is an excellent option if you want your dog to have a name that reflects his appearance. Plus, it sounds like something he’d say when he’s scared of something.
  • *see-through :* This is another great choice because it describes exactly what your dog looks like—or at least what he could look like if he were made entirely out of reflective material (which I think would be awesome). Plus it has such an interesting ring to it! You could even use this one when talking about ghosts and wearing clothes made from reflective materials; for example: “I’m see-through today.” That way everyone knows how cool you are for being able to see through things…even though we all know no one can do that unless they’re all transparent or something equally special-sounding like that.”


If you have a dog that likes to follow you around, it may be time to name them Shadow. This can also be applied to dogs with dark fur and/or markings, or those who are especially independent. For example: “Shadow is a great name for my black Lab.”

Alternatively, if your dog has a dark personality (or if you want them to), consider naming it “Shadow” as well!


Muffin is a sweet and lovable name for your dog.

It’s perfect for dogs with brown fur, or even white fur if you want to go that route.


Blackie is a common nickname for black dogs. It’s also used to refer to black cats, which can be a bit surprising since most people think of felines as being white or gray.

This name may seem like an odd choice for a dog, but many people give it out because they see the resemblance between the two animals and their coats (black) when they’re young.


Slipper is a name that will have your dog feeling like they’re walking on clouds. If you’re looking for a name that’s elegant and classic, this one fits the bill.

You can use this name if your dog has light brown fur or white fur as long as it isn’t too long or bushy. It also works well with puppies who are still growing into their adult coats; however, keep in mind that some dogs may not like being called “slippers” because they don’t necessarily want to wear them all day long!

If your pup has floppy ears and wiggly tails, then this might be perfect for them!


Puddle is a great name for a dog with black fur. It’s also an excellent choice if your pup has white or brown fur.

If you have a black dog, Puddles will make him look even more dramatic in the spotlight! The combination of his black coat and blue eyes make him look like an angel from heaven (or at least from one of those cartoons).


Baloo is a name for a dog that has a lot of black furs. This means that his coat looks like it’s made out of chocolate, dark brown, or black and white. His eyes may also appear dark in color (if you’re looking at him through the right light).

Baloo is also an appropriate name if your dog has big eyes—like those of Jekyll-Hyde! And while we’re on the topic of characters from literature: beware if your pup’s nose resembles those of Dr. Jekyll’s alter ego, as well as those belonging to Captain Hook and Peter Pan (or any other character from these classic fairy tales).


A cookie is a great name for dogs with round bodies and brown markings. If you want to name your dog Cookie, they must have these qualities:

  • A round body shape with no visible ribs or spine.
  • Brown patches of fur on their legs or belly area.
  • White markings around the face (ears, nose).


Casper is a name that’s great for a dog who loves to play and be with people. It’s also great for dogs with dark fur, as it sounds like they’ll be able to sneak into your house without being noticed. If your dog has white patches on its fur, this might also work well because that makes them look like a ghost!

Make sure to look at the color of your dog, and the markings on their fur!

  • Make sure to look at the color of your dog, and the markings on their fur!
  • This will help you choose a name that suits them.

It is important to find a name that suits your dog’s personality.


You’re now armed with a list of dog names based on their color and markings. If you have any questions about whether your dog deserves a new name, or how to choose a good one for them, contact us today! We can help you out with that.

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