Best Irish Dog Names for Your Next Puppy

Name your puppy, and you’ll have a friend for life. It’s important to choose a name that you think will be meaningful and unique to the dog. Irish names are popular, so why not pick one that’s native to the land of shamrocks? Here are some great Irish dog names:


Sadhbh is a Gaelic name meaning “pure.” It’s also used in Scotland, where it means “lily.” The pronunciation of this name can be tricky for some people, especially if you’re not familiar with Irish or Scottish accents. However, there are many variations on this spelling and pronunciation, so feel free to experiment with whatever sounds more comfortable for your puppy!

This sweet little female pup comes from Ireland and would make an excellent addition to any family.


Pronunciation: fin-N

Meaning of Name: “fair” or “white-haired”

The popularity of Name: Very popular name in Ireland and the United States, where it was ranked as the 69th most popular name for boys born in 2017. It was also ranked as one of the top 100 most popular names for girls born in 2018 by the Social Security Administration.

Gender/Sexes: Boy or Girl

Origin/History of Name: Irish Gaelic origin; meaning unknown.


Niamh is an Irish name that means “bright,” and it’s a popular choice for both girls and boys. The spelling of this name is similar to the word “dawn,” but it can also be pronounced Neev or ni-ah-meh.

The name Niamh was used by Saint Niamh of Aran, who lived in Ireland in the 6th century AD. She was one of five women chosen as saints by Pope Gregory I (what would become known as St. Patrick).

Niamh has been ranked among the top 100 most popular names for American babies born between 1985 through 1999 according to Social Security Administration records published online by Ancestry DNA LLC; however, its popularity has decreased over time because parents began choosing alternative spellings such as Noelle or Cora instead due to pronunciation issues with how these names sound when spoken aloud—especially since they tend not to be pronounced with any sort of accent on vowels like ‘o’ sounds do when spoken repeatedly within sentences together without pause between each word spoken consecutively without stopping at any point during those instances where someone else might interrupt them from talking directly into their microphone before leaving off recording another segment which could then be later uploaded onto YouTube channel where anyone else could watch videos about themselves instead!


Aoife is an Irish name that means “brightness” or “radiance”. It’s a popular name in Ireland, especially in the south. It’s also one of the most popular girls’ names in the country.

Aoife can be shortened to Alfie or Aoifeh, which means “little bright one” or “bright child.”


Caoimhe is pronounced [kwa-eem] and means “life” or “blessed.” It’s a great name for a pup because it means you can use the Irish language to describe your dog, but also because it sounds like an English name!

Caoimhe was popularized by the actress Saoirse Ronan (who played Bridget in the movie Brooklyn). Her aunt is named Caoimhe, too. If you want another member of your family to have a connection with Ireland, consider naming your puppy after this beautiful name!


Sinead is an Irish name that means “little saint.” It’s pronounced sin-YAWD and its variant spellings include Sinéad, Sinara, and Sinehath.

The name Sinead has been associated with many saints over time: St. Sinéad of Magheraboy (6th century), St. Finian (8th century), St. Patrick’s mother St Fidechta (10th century), and most recently our very own Saoirse Ronan!


Clodagh is a popular name in Ireland, and it’s pronounced Koh-DAH. The name means “clear,” but it also has other meanings, including “beautiful” and “clear water.” It sounds similar to the names Clara and Clarissa, so if you want to make your puppy stand out from the crowd by using an Irish name like Clodagh, keep this in mind when choosing one of those options. As with many traditional Irish names that come up during our research process (see “Ciara”), there are several variations on how to spell this word—including some shorter versions such as Klaudia—but our preference would be for spelling it with two d’s: Klaudia or Claudia; both sound feminine enough for this cute little guy!


Ronan is a popular Irish name and it’s also a great option for your dog. Dogs of any color can be named Ronan, so long as they’re black and white like the character from The Hound of Ulster (see below).

Ronan is also an exciting name for puppies! If you have a black-and-white puppy in mind, this might be it!


Sorcha, a Gaelic name meaning “brightness.” This name is extremely popular in Ireland and the United States. It’s also one of the most common female names in both countries!


  • Grainne is a popular Irish name, and it means “love.” It’s also an ideal choice for your female dog.
  • Grainne is the name of a famous Irish princess who was married to a prince from Scotland. She was kidnapped by pirates, but she escaped and found refuge in Ireland before returning home with her husband in 1242 AD.
  • Another origin story has it that Grainne was born out of love between two kings—one king named Niall and his brother Ruaidhrí Ua Conchobair (also known as Rory O’Connor), who later became King Donnchadh Mac Giolla Phádraig/Donnchadh Mac Murchada.


If you’re looking for a name that means “champion,” then Niall is a perfect choice. It’s an Irish name that was popularized in America by the Irish singer Niall Horan, who released his first album at age 14 and has since gone on to become one of Ireland’s biggest musicians.

The name Niall can also be found in many different countries around the world—it’s been used by Americans and Australians alike!

These are just a few of the many Irish names you can use to name your puppy.

Irish dog names are very popular. They’re easy to pronounce and spell, which makes them a great choice for both male and female pets. You can use them for both your new puppy or cat or any pet you might have in mind.


We hope you enjoyed learning about these Irish dog names for your next puppy. They’re all great options, and we think you’ll be able to find a name that works for your pup. We know the struggle of trying to come up with a name—and we want you to know it will get easier as long as you keep it simple and don’t worry too much about how others might respond! Happy naming!

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