The Annual Dog Show was held on June 26 at the National Dog Show presented by Purina in Center City Philadelphia. Winners were announced during a ceremony that included remarks from show hostess, Mandy Ingber-Briggs, and representatives from Purina.

Dog Show

Dog shows are a great way to show off your dog’s personality and beauty. You can also meet other dog owners and breeders, which can allow you to learn more about the breeds of dogs that interest you.

National Dog Show presented by Purina, Thanksgiving 2022 Winners

The National Dog Show presented by Purina, Thanksgiving 2022 Winners

Best In Show: Russet Labrador Retriever

Reserve Best In Show: Irish Water Spaniel


The winner of the Best in Show award is a dog that has been judged the most superior by his or her peers. This can take place at any dog show but it is usually held on a Saturday evening if there are enough dogs entered to be judged.

The best-in-show winner will often receive prizes such as ribbons and toys but these are not as important as having a fun day out with your family or friends!

Reserve Best in Show:

The Reserve Best in Show is awarded to a breed whose judges feel has the most ideal characteristics of all other breed entries. Judges may also choose to award this title to a dog that has been shown in previous years but did not place first.

The following are some guidelines for selecting your winner:

  • The dog must be healthy and sound, with no disqualifications due to injuries or illness.
  • The dog’s grooming must be up-to-date and neat; any frayed or matted hair should be removed at this time as well as any docked tail feathers (if applicable). If there are no dockings on your dog’s tail, then they must have had their tails docked before entering the competition!
  • You should have written documentation from your veterinarian stating why they think it would be beneficial for you and/or your pet if they were unable to participate in future events due to health reasons such as URI etc…

Sporting Group Winner:

The Sporting Group Winner is a group of breeds that all share the same purpose, or have similar characteristics. This can include hunting dogs, herding dogs, and other types of animals.

The Irish Water Spaniel won this category in our dog show because it’s a great family dog that has been known to catch fish and birds! It also looks very handsome when dressed up for an occasion like this one!

The American Foxhound also made it into our top 10 list for sporting group winners because it’s excellent at sniffing out game trails and tracking down prey on foot or horseback; these days there are many different types of foxhounds from which you can choose based on your needs at any given time (e.g., whether you need something small enough that would fit inside your house). The breed originated from Europe where its ancestors were used as livestock guard dogs during medieval times before being exported overseas centuries ago when people started settling everywhere else around the world including North America where many different types still exist today – so if you’re interested in owning one yourself then keep checking back here every year so we’ll let everyone know who wins next year too 🙂

Sporting Group runner-up:

In the Sporting Group, you will find the Irish Water Spaniel, English Foxhound, English Setter, and Gordon Setter.

The Greyhound is also included in this group but it does not qualify for any silver medals or awards due to its low number of dogs entered into competitions at shows held throughout Europe.

The Irish Red and White Setter are one of the most popular breeds in Ireland today because they have strong hunting instincts that make them ideal for tracking game on land or water (with their webbed feet). Their long legs allow them to cover large areas while remaining agile enough so they can jump over obstacles such as fences or walls without losing speed too much.”

Hound Group Winner:

Hound Group Winner:

The American Foxhound




Greyhound Pointer

Hound Group runner-up:

The Hound Group winner is the Irish Water Spaniel.

Working Group Winner:

The Working Group Winner is the top dog in each working group. The following dogs won their respective groups:

  • Best of Breed –
  • Best in Show –
  • Best Shepherd (under 30 lbs) –
  • Runner-up for Best in Show –

Working Group runner-up:

A dog that placed second in a working group at the show may be considered a runner-up. This can be because the winner has already been selected or because no entries have qualified for the final.

Terrier Group Winner:

The winner of the Terrier Group was a dog named Spots and his owner, Kelly. He won over other dogs in the group with his beautiful smile and friendly demeanor.

The Irish Terrier came in second place for its high energy level, friendly attitude, and small size (he’s only about 10 inches tall). This breed is known for being very active! They love running around outside with their owners or playing fetch with balls in the yard—which makes them great companions because they always have something fun going on!

Scottish Terriers placed third because they’re known as one of Scotland’s national treasures: they’ve been around since before World War I when they were bred specifically for hunting foxes but now serve many other purposes too including therapy work with special needs children who need an outlet besides academics so that means these adorable little guys can do both jobs well at once!

West Highland White Terriers took fourth place due mostly due to their adorable looks but also because they’re very intelligent animals which means you’ll always have someone willing to listen when talking about your problems (so long as those problems aren’t too big). They’re also known as some kind of soul because even though sometimes people might disagree with what decisions we make given our current situation – especially if those decisions involve us making decisions – we always remember why we started doing things together in the first place: friendship.”

Terrier Group runner-up:


The Beagle is a small breed of dog, often called a “bully” for its stocky build and bushy tail. Beagles were bred as hunting dogs, but today they are also popular as family pets. They have been called the “national dog” of Britain due to their popularity in England over the past 300 years.

Terrier Group runner-up: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (SCWT)

Toy Group Winner:

The Toy Group Winner is Pug.

Pug dogs are a small breed of dog with a wrinkly, short-muzzled face, and curled tail. They have been popular since the 16th century and were once used in traditional Chinese opera roles as actors’ assistants or “puppets.” In modern times they are often seen as pets but are still bred for show purposes due to their distinctive appearance.

Toy Group runner-up:

Toy Group runner-up: Japanese Chin.

This is a beautiful dog that has won many prestigious competitions, including the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and Crufts. The Japanese Chin is a small breed of domestic cat with long hair, large eyes, and a distinctive facial expression that gives it an air of intelligence and elegance.

Non-Sporting Group Winner:

The non-sporting group winner is the dog that has the highest points total in their breed category.

  • For the first time in history, there were two Irish Water Spaniels awarded Best In Show at the National Dog Show presented by Purina.
  • The Sporting Group Winner was Russet Labrador Retriever, who took home both his Sporting Group and Best In Show titles.
  • The Hound group winner was American Foxhound, who took home its group title as well as runner-up honors in the Hound category.


  • Winner: Samoyed
  • Runner-up: Leonberger
  • Third-place winner: Wire Fox Terrier

Congratulations to the winners of the Toy and Non-Sporting categories! The winner of each category is listed below, along with their respective runner_up.

Toy: Pug (Runner_up: Japanese Chin)

Non-Sporting: French Bulldog


The winner of the dog show will be announced on Wednesday, November 26 at a ceremony in London. The event is expected to attract hundreds of exhibitors and attendees from around the world who wish to compete for prestigious awards.

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