Need to Speak at MozCon 2018? Here is Your Chance – Pitch to Be a Community Speaker!


MozCon 2018 is approaching and it’s nearly time to get over that amplifier. On the off chance that talking at MozCon is your fantasy, we have the mind-blowing open door for you! Pitch us your theme and you might be chosen to go along with us as one of our six local area speakers.


What is a local area speaker, you inquire? MozCon meetings are by welcome just, meaning we contact select speakers for most of our discussions. However, consistently we save six 15-minute local area talking spaces, where we welcome anybody in the SEO people group to pitch to introduce at MozCon. These meetings are both a participant number one and a spectacular chance to break into the talking circuit.

What you’ll get as a local area speaker:

15 minutes on the MozCon stage for a feature style show, trailed by 5 minutes of Q&A

A free pass to MozCon (we can give a discount or move in the event that you have proactively bought yours)

Four evenings of housing covered by Moz at our accomplice lodging

Repayment for your movement — up to $500 for homegrown and $750 for worldwide travel

An extra free MozCon ticket for you to part with, in addition to a code for $300 off of one ticket

A greeting for yourself as well as your life partner to go along with us for the pre-occasion speakers supper

The determination interaction:

We have an inward advisory group of Mozzers that audit each pitch. In the main stage we survey just the points to guarantee that they’re ideal for our crowd. After this first stage, we take a gander at the whole of the pitch to assist us with finding out about what’s in store from your discussion on the MozCon stage.


Need some guidance for consummating your pitch?

Keep your pitch centered to internet showcasing. The more significant the pitch, the better.

Be point by point! We need to understand what the genuine strategies our listeners might be thinking will find out about. Keep in mind, we get a lot of pitches, so the more you can make sense of, the better!

Survey the points previously being introduced — we’re searching for a new thing to add to the stage.

Keep the pitch to under 1200 characters. We’re severe with as far as possible — even the best pitches will be excluded on the off chance that they don’t keep the standards.

No contributes will be assessed advance, so kindly don’t ask 🙂

Utilizing web-based entertainment to campaign your pitch won’t help. All things being equal, set your focus on energy into the genuine pitch itself!

Connecting to a past illustration of a slide deck or show isn’t needed, yet it helps the council a ton.

You have this!


This could be you.

Assuming that your pitch is chosen, the MozCon group will help you en route. Whether this is your most memorable time in front of an audience or your 20th, we maintain that this should be your best converse with date. We’re here to address questions that might come up and to work with you to convey something you’re really glad for. Here are only a small bunch of ways that we’re here to help:

-Subject refinement

-Assisting with your meeting title and portrayal

-Looking into any meeting diagrams and drafts

-Giving a lot of tips around best practices — explicitly in view of the MozCon stage

-Exhaustive show guide

-Being accessible to stand by listening to you practice your discussion

-Exploring your last deck

-A full stage visit on Sunday to meet our A/V team, see your show on the huge screens, and figure out the show

-An astonishing 15-man A/V group.


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